Prefinished flush mounted vents

These vents are custom made to add the perfectly finished touch to your prefinished hardwood flooring. They are made from customer’s wood flooring material. In case of using hand-scraped or/and wire-brushed flooring material these vents will give a perfect match with surrounded wood flooring.
Using these vents you won’t have an issue to match the color, shin level, add details or adjust the height of unfinished flush mount or cold air return vents. It’s simple way to make it perfect.

Cold Air Return Vents

Cold air return vents may be in either a supply or return air application and can be installed in celling, walls or floors. They are available in flush or self-rimming application. Hand crafted, these returns provide an aesthetically pleasing look to any home.

Available sizes wood vents

Flush Mount Wood Vents

Flush mount floor register designed to lay flat with the surface of wood flooring. Depending on the thickness of the floor it can be ¾”, 5/8”, ½” and 3/8”.It is strongly recommended that this floor register be installed during the installation of you hardwood floors.

Self-Rimming Wood Vents

Self-rimming vents sit on the top of the surface of any installed flooring. It simply drops into the whole opening cut in the existing floor. It rims the floor much like a plastic or metal vent. It can be used with hardwood flooring, laminate, carpet, tile or vinyl.